Height: 180 cms – 5’11

Weight: 90kgs

Andrew grew up in Surrey, UK and attended boarding school where he pursued the love of sports . Having captained his school, college and university at rugby, his love of sports didn’t stop there – he has an affinity for extreme challenges, always looking to push the boundaries. He finished 194th out of 1250 in the Marathon Des Sables considered the toughest footrace on earth; completed 7 Ironman and 3 Ultra-Marathon competitions; successfully climbed Kilimanjaro in Africa (5895m) and Aconcagua in Argentina (6962m) as well as swimming from Asia to Europe.

Andrew’s motivation stems from the physical and mental challenge of rowing an ocean, and also the social cause – reducing the amount of plastic in our Oceans. He believes its something that needs action as it affects all of us and future generations. Also, he would love to own a world record!


What is your job?


What other sports do you like?

Rugby, Golf, Skiing, Swimming

Name a famous person? Why did you choose him/her?

Patrick Bol – he is famous now, surely? Especially after the QE2.

Favourite Music?

Anything 80’s, Love a Power Ballard, Muse, Bon Jovi, Little Mix

Favourite Films?

The Campaign, Old School, Anchorman, Burn after Reading, Anger Management, The Rock

Favourite meal?

Pizza, Sunday Roast, Lasagne, Sushi

Why are you rowing across the Atlantic?

I love a challenge and this is right up there! I am also very interested in the project for Ocean clean up and Indus Project. I believe this is something very cool and inspiring to be part of.

What animal would you be and why?

A dog, simply because there the best!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Matt is massively into his Marvel Comic Books so he would be best to answer this one