Height: 192cm

Weight: 94kgs

Nickname: Ronald

Lewis grew up in Surrey, UK and has lived and worked in Dubai for the last three years. He started rowing at 11 after being introduced to the sport by his father who was an experienced oarsman himself.

Training at least 2-3 hours a day, 6 days a week became normal for Lewis growing up, from his time at Walton Rowing Club as a junior rower and then Oxford Brookes University Rowing Team, renowned for their domination of British university rowing over the last 30 years.

Lewis heard of this challenge, from Patrick’s wife who happens to be a work colleague. After finding out there was a place up for grabs he applied. It’s what he needed to feed his competitive fire which still burns brightly.

There are many great causes in the world but Lewis believes there is none better than the effort to clean our oceans. Every day we see the effects of how humans have polluted the seas and its now a question of damage limitation. He thinks it should be a number one priority for all the governments of the world.

Lewis knows that crossing the finishing line after weeks of mental and physical endurance will be a feeling to be savoured.

What is your job? 

Real Estate

What other sports do you like? 

Skiing, Caber Toss

Name a famous person?

Why did you choose him/her? Tom Selleck. His moustache inspires me.

Favourite Music? 

80’s, Motown, Dirty Dutch House.

Favourite Films? 

Papillon, Human Centipede, Braveheart.

Favourite meal? 

Grand Gourmet Grocer’s (Palm Jumeirah, Shoreline Building 9) Salmon, Veg and Sweet Potato Mash.

Why are you rowing across the Atlantic? 

Challenging yourself often is healthy.

What animal would you be and why? 

Mountain Goat – fantastic balance and climbing abilities.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Ivan Drago strength