Height: 184cm

Weight: 88kg

Nickname: Billy

Matt grew up in Yorkshire, UK and has been a keen sportsman all his life and has played rugby, cricket and football at county level. Matt has always loved the oceans and has spent a number of years boating in different location around the country. He owns a successful business in Dubai and partners Patrick and Lewis on daily training stints as they get themselves ship shape for the great adventure.

Matt is extremely passionate about the Ocean Clean Up. He wants to create awareness and believes we can all do more. Having spent a lot of time at sea he has seen first hand the amount of plastic and believes if we can get people talking, it will have a knock-on effect and attract business involvement. He’s keen to challenge himself and to push his body and mind, making his family proud and showing others that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

What is your job? Domestic Renovations

What other sports do you like? Rugby, Football, Cricket, Boxing, Athletics, pretty much any sport.

Name a famous person? Why did you choose him/her? Freddy Mercury, great tash and got away with wearing ridiculous clothing.

Favourite Music? Anything goes, as long as it loud enough you cant hear me singing.

Favourite Films? Point Break

Favourite meal? Christmas dinner

Why are you rowing across the Atlantic? To achieve something that only a small amount of people have done or would attempt to do is cool and to be able to walk around Dubai Mall ( the biggest mall in the world ) and know you are the only one in there that’s done such a challenge is also cool ( as long as Lewis or Pat aren’t there…! )

What animal would you be and why? Shark, awesome creature with speed, power, strength and feared by most.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Dr Dolittle ability… Ability to talk to animals