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October 2018

First Sea Trials for “Year of Zayed” go well

We are very happy with the first results of the sea trails, we need to remember its a prototype and we really pushed the envelope. We are happy with the stability, the steering and responsiveness, the comfort for storage, remember we need a lot of equipment and food to make it a safe journey, we carry a similar amount of equipment as a yacht.

We like the overhead roof to get out of the sun. The handling in waves and going downwind with very decent speeds is great. We clocked up to 2m 45s split on 500m, that like 11 km per hour without currents or wind. We are therefore hopeful to be competitive. Records always sounds a bit arrogant, as many things need to fall in place to make that happen.

The team’s strengths are our attitude, the boat engineering, electrics, and the weather to name a few. I respect my fellow rowers for their commitment to the project, Matt Wilds, Andrew Ruinoff and Lewis Knollman, some of them had life changing experiences, getting to where we are today. Now I have trouble keeping up with them :).

We respect the Atlantic with all her might and there is never enough preparation time for the weather abnormalities.