Height: 200cm

Weight: 99kgs

Nickname: RTG (Real Tall Guy) it is also a yard crane….

Patrick is a Container Terminal executive with over 25 years of experience in the port and maritime business. In Nautical College, he started coastal rowing thanks to his competitive streak, played baseball and ran marathons. He won a bronze medal at the Pilot Gig Rowing World Championship’s in the Isles of Scilly, UK in 2000.

25 Years ago he led a rowing team across the English channel from Felixstowe to Rotterdam and in the 1990’s sailed for 4 years as a professional sailor around the World’s oceans. That schooling prepared him for this voyage – leading a team across the Atlantic.

Patrick’s love for the ocean started when he sailed in the Pacific. Plastic levels are rising and in partnership with DP World’s Oceans campaign he aims to help get plastics out of the ocean for the benefit of future generations – including his 7 year old son, Maximus.

Patrick is also extremely passionate about breaking the record and has made it clear to all that only a world record will do….

What is your job? Director Global Operations, we design new container terminals to suit business needs, optimize and boost performance on the existing terminals and manage a BI platform across the DP World portfolio of container terminals. DP World is one of the Top Port operators in the World based in Dubai. We also Innovate with proof of concept of a revolutionary terminal design that will push the boundaries of our industry.

What other sports do you like? Tennis, Enduro (doing long tours on a offroad motorbike).

Name a famous person? Why did you choose him/her? Richard Branson, if you are a billionaire with the amount of stress he has to run his business he is still coming across as a relaxed and genuine person, I like his adventure side, Virgin Atlantic challenger, the balloons, the sailing, his own Necker Island, he got it sussed, nice guy to meet I guess would love to have dinner with him.

Favourite Music? U2, simple minds, simply red,  Supertramp, when we sail across oceans we  always play old stuff, as older guys own the yachts, Eagles, scorpions etc. U2 stayed with me from childhood, 

Favourite Films? Born identity, James bond and Gladiator as my son is called Maximus Armelius.

Favourite meal? Oysters for starters on a nice beach setting or anchorage, Then some Lobster on the BBQ with a nice sauce and spinach and potatoes as a side dish.

Why are you rowing across the Atlantic? Stay young and active, adventure, prove to my wife and son I remain relevant and good looking, try to get a record under my name and do it smart as we all get a bit older. The row is the media vehicle for the greater cause we have to do something to improve our oceans, 4 the future, 4 our children 4 mankind with 4 rowers 4 the ocean.

What animal would you be and why? Dolphin, streamlined and fun.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Top Triathlon or cross-fit athlete