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Rigging up for presents 400 miles offshore


On Friday 2200 UTC 11 January 2019, Nick Leggatt reported in from Supertramp.

“The Wind and sea state have both eased a lot in the last 24 hours,” commented Nick, “This morning the guys were really feeling frustrated, bored and suffering from salt water sores, so we rigged a quick release system on the tow line, attached a bag of “presents”, including food, coffee and various remedies for salt water sores, as well as an iPad charger so they could watch some videos! Once that was all ready we slipped the tow, they hauled in the line, got the pressies and then re-connected the tow. As I write we are less than 2 miles from the Brazilian 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), so we feel like we are nearly there. Another 25-odd miles and we will be on the same latitude as Paramaribo, and will turn west, in the core of the Equatorial Current. 405 miles to go!”

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