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Row4Ocean less than 2000nm to go

Day Five Report: 1200 UTC Tuesday 18 December

Row4Ocean – World Record Attempt to row 2305nm in under 27 Days. Africa to South America. Port of Departure: Dakar, Senegal, Africa – Port of Arrival: Paramaribo, Suriname, South America.

Team: Patrick Bol, Lewis Knollman,Andrew Ruinoff, Matt Wilds.


After over 4 days and nights of rowing the four man team aboard “Year of Zayed” have broken through the 2000nm to go barrier in their quest to set the outright rowing record for the Atlantic Ocean. The team have been putting in an Herculean effort, and the attempt has not been without its problems.

“On Day 4 we spent a lot of time trying to find a solution to our battery charging problems,” commented Patrick Bol, whose comments were relayed by Nick Leggatt on board Supertramp, the yacht shadowing the team. “Most of the time was spent trying to find out where the problems were and we have managed to find a solution, albeit jury rigged, to get power to our watermakers, which is vital for the row. Fixing the problem was also hampered by a bigger sea state which meant the boat was rolling quite a lot. This morning (Tuesday 18 December) the wind speed and waves are lower and its a beautiful day. We have seen a lot of flying fish being hunted by sea birds, and we are enjoying watching the hunt! At the moment , we have to turn off the power to all systems at night, which means the auto-pilot has to be replaced by one of the team hand steering, so we are not covering as many hours as in the daylight hours. Looking ahead, the wind is due to veer towards the east which should give us a better angle to climb further north. At the moment we are further south than we would like to be.”

World record pace continues for Row4Ocean but on the fourth day at sea, the pace has slowed to 72 nm in 24-hours mainly due to time spent attending to battery charging issues on onboard, which has meant the news from the team has come from Nick Leggatt on board S/Y Supertramp, which is following “Year of Zayed” across the Atlantic. Despite covering less miles on the fourth day, the team are still on target to beat the outright Atlantic Rowing Record of 27 days.

On the fifth day of the record attempt, Row4Ocean was 1987nm from Paramaribo, and estimated to complete the row in just under 26 days, at their current average speed.

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