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Row4Ocean still on Target

Picture taken from drone 300 miles into the Atlantic

Day Four Report: 1200 UTC Monday 17 December

Row4Ocean – World Record Attempt to row 2305nm in under 27 Days. Africa to South America. Port of Departure: Dakar, Senegal, Africa – Port of Arrival: Paramaribo, Suriname, South America.
Team: Patrick Bol, Lewis Knollman, Andrew Ruinoff, Matt Wilds.

World record pace continues for Row4Ocean but on the fourth day at sea, the pace has slowed to 72 nm in 24-hours mainly due to time spent attending to battery charging issues on onboard, which has meant the news from the team has come from Nick Leggat on board S/Y Supertramp, which is following “Year of Zayed” across the Atlantic. Despite covering less miles on the fourth day, the team are still on target to beat the outright Atlantic Rowing Record of 27 days.

“The wind and current is still really working well for the team.” commented Nick Leggatt from Supertramp. “During the day, we have seen 20-25 knots of wind and 15-20 knots at night and virtually no squalls. The air temperature is still relatively cool, which is helping we have even seen the team wearing jackets. Physically the guys are doing well but trying to sort out the battery charging problem has meant their watch system is being affected. Usually the team row two at a time for two hours, giving two hours on, two hours off but the two hours off is being interrupted. We have seen a few glimpses of sea birds, a few dolphins and lots of flying fish. Every night has been really clear with a big moon and thousands of stars.”

The Row4Ocean team is a fair few miles south of the shortest route, as the trade winds are coming from the north east but the forecast is for the wind to veer to the east, which should assist the team in the days to come.

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  1. Dear Guys

    If my power can help to charge the batteries quicker then I will pass it with this message to all of you! You are doing well – grap the good winds coming up and you gain it all again

    Take Care

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