Under 100nm to go!

The Row4Ocean team of Patrick Bol, Lewis Knollman, Andrew Ruinoff and Matt Wilds are less than 100nm from Paramaribo. Year of Zayed, under tow from Supertramp, is expected to arrive in Suriname around midnight local time (Tuesday 15 April 2019 approx 0400 UTC).

Since the team left Dakar, Senegal December 14, 2018. Supertramp’s crew have been collecting water samples every 100nm.

According to reports, 8 billion kilos of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year, that’s a staggering 22,000,000 kilos of plastic every day; 900,000 kilos of plastic per hour; the equivalent of 60 container loads each weighing 15 tons. No wonder our beaches are covered in plastic debris. The problem will be with us for generations.